Step-by-Step Guide
An image of the app icon on the iPhone home screen.
Step 1

The iDonatedIt Home Screen displays a list of donation events that have been entered by the user and includes a thumbnail image of the item donated.

» Touch the sign to enter a new donation event.

» Touch the "Goodwill" item to view a list of the underlying items donated.

» Touch the arrow to view more info about the donation event such as date, charity name, etc.

Step 2

The donation event entry screen is where the user enters their name, the name & address of the charity, the date the donation was made, and has the option to attach a photo of the items donated.

Step 3

The donated item list screen displays a list of items that are a part of the donation event and displays a total for each item and a grand total.

» Touch an item to view or edit the item details.

» Touch the to add another item to the list.

» Touch the button on the bottom left to e-mail the list & photo to yourself or your accountant.

Step 4

The item entry screen is where the user can add or edit individual items that are part of the donation event. The user selects a category and an item from a built-in list.

»Once an item is selected, the app provides an estimated value for that item.

» The user selects the condition of the item. Changing the condition of the item changes the estimated value.

» Notes about the item can be added in the "notes" field.

» The user can edit the item description, estimated value, and the quantity if they wish.

* Note » see disclaimer « if the estimated value is overridden the user must have the proper documentation and reason to support the override.

Step 5 This is a sample of the report that is e-mailed to the user once a donation event is complete. In addition to this report, a photo is also e-mailed to the user.
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